Are all containers to store and conserve food safe?

EU-approved food storage and preservation containers designed for food use, if used correctly, are safe during cancer treatment.


All citizens should reduce the use of single-use plastics, both for the sustainability and health of the planet, and should therefore limit foods and beverages that are wrapped up or come in plastic.

Some cancer research institutes recommend limiting the use of BPA products in breast and other hormone-dependent cancers. This recommendation does not contraindicate the use of plastic food containers provided they are used correctly.

Single-use containers should not be reused and should not be microwaved if they are not specified as suitable for microwaving.

Algunos institutos de investigación en cáncer recomiendan limitar el uso de productos con BPA en cáncer de mama u otros hormonodependientes, recomendación no contraindica el uso de envases de plástico de uso alimentario, siempre que se utilicen correctamente; no se deben reutilizar los de un solo uso ni introducir en el microondas si no se encuentra especificado que son aptos para ello.