Are all containers to store and conserve food safe?

Food-grade containers approved by the European Union, when used properly (single-use containers should not be reused, and they should not be microwaved unless specifically indicated as microwave-safe), are safe during cancer treatment.


The whole population, both for sustainability and healthy reasons, should reduce the use of single-use plastics and consequently limit the consumption of foods and beverages wrapped or coated in plastic. Some cancer research institutes recommend restricting the use of products containing BPA in breast cancer and other hormone-dependent tumors. This recommendation does not contraindicate the use of food-grade plastic containers, provided they are used correctly.

It is recommendable to prioritize glass containers for both storing and preserving food at home and for reheating food in the microwave. Additionally, materials in contact with food should be manufactured in compliance with EU regulations to ensure that any potential transfer to the food does not pose safety issues or have adverse effects on the food.