In case of frequent vomiting:
  • For the first few hours, do not eat anything, drinking only small sips of fresh water every 10-15 minutes.
  • After four to six hours, the amount of fluid intake (rehydration drinks or isotonic drinks) can be progressively increased.

Homemade isotonic drink

Mix the juice of two lemons, a tablespoon of honey, a dessert spoon of sea salt and a dessert spoon of bicarbonate of soda in a litre of water. When these ingredients dissolve, leave it in the fridge until it is cool.

  • After 24 hours without vomiting, start an easily digestible diet (preferably with cooked and soft foods) and always choose cooking methods such as steaming or boiling.
  • Start introducing dry foods, as they are better tolerated (bread, toast, crackers, sticks, etc.).
  • If vomiting occurs for two days in a row, contact your doctor or nurse to avoid possible dehydration.