Fluid retention

During breast cancer treatment, swelling or oedema may occur due to the accumulation of fluids in the body’s tissues due to some of the drugs used or the surgery performed. Try not to become obsessed; the oncologist will take the appropriate measures to solve this problem.


  • Avoid prolonged sitting and especially avoid crossing your legs when sitting.
  • Walk or exercise daily, if possible, twice a day (mid-morning and afternoon).
  • Elevate the affected area when sitting or lying down.
  • Take advantage of showering to cool the legs and abdomen with cold water to activate circulation. Do so by running the showerhead in circles from bottom to top.

Follow the Diet and Food preparation recommendations for weight gain.

  • Do not use common, sea or iodised salt to cook or season food.
  • Replace salt with spices and herbs (oregano, parsley, bay leaf, pepper, sweet paprika, thyme, etc.).
  • Use cooking methods that retain or concentrate the taste of food better, such as steaming or en papillote.
  • Add lemon juice o vinager to the dishes to help reduce the perception of salt deficiency. Marinades with lemon juice are also an excellent option.
  • Preparing sweet & sour combinations or meat dishes with fruit (fresh, compote, dried) also helps to reduce the need for salt.
  • Limit the consumption of processed foods, ready meals, and foods such as crisps and similar snacks, cold meats, canned fish, olives, salted nuts, seeds, cheeses (except for low-salt fresh cheeses, cottage cheese, etc.).