Prepare nutritionally dense dishes.

Nutritionally dense dishes are those that include a large amount of energy and nutrients in a very small volume.

  • You can prepare chicken or cod croquettes; empanadas (meat, tuna, egg, cheese, etc.), which can be frozen and fried or warmed up; nutritious pâtés to spread on toast or sandwiches; energy purées and soups, which can be kept in the fridge and consumed directly (hot or cold), and finally, sweet preparations, such as a dessert or to snack on in between meals, such as caramel puddings, Greek-type yoghurts, and many others.
  • Prepare complete smoothies with fresh fruit, dairy or plant milk, nuts, dried fruit, biscuits…
  • Dishes can also be enriched in order to increase their nutritional density with high-energy and/or protein-rich foods:
    • Soups and purées: add grated cheese, powdered milk, hard-boiled egg, diced serrano ham, chicken, or fish.
    • Salads, pasta, rice, vegetables, and other dishes: enrich them with cheese, mayonnaise, tuna, egg whites, fresh fruit, diced Serrano ham, etc.
    • Milk: powdered milk, cocoa, honey.
    • Yoghurt: add fresh fruit, syrup or compote fruit, dried fruit, honey, breakfast cereals, and jam.