Chicken and apple skewers
Ingredients (for 1 serving)
  • 100 g of chicken breast
  • 1 Golden apple
  • 1 c/c turmeric
  • 1 tsp curry
  • 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1. Mix the olive oil, turmeric and curry in a bowl.
  • 2. Add the diced chicken and toss until coated.
  • 3. Peel the apple and cut it into cubes of a similar size to the chicken.
  • 4. Place two cubes of chicken interspersed with two cubes of apple on a skewer.
  • 5. Repeat the operation with the other skewers.
  • 6. Brown the skewers in a pan over medium heat so they don't burn, with a little extra virgin olive oil, on all sides.
  • 7. When they acquire color, add two tablespoons of water and cover the pan so that they finish cooking over a slow fire for approximately four or five minutes.
  • 8. Leave them to rest and serve them.




If you do not tolerate turmeric or curry well, you can also prepare the recipe without it, eliminating point 1 and 2 of the preparation or replacing them with other spices or herbs that are better tolerated.